Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD)

COVID-19 Online Self-test Application


Due to limited resources to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic in the world, a web App (Tool) has been created for everyone to be able to test themselves before contacting medical consultants, to avoid overwhelming congestion.

How SAFOD and the entire disability movement could utilize this resource in Southern Africa?

  • SAFOD, affiliates and partners to encourage people with disability (and their carers) to utilize the online tool as an alternative means of testing themselves in situations where the healthcare system is overwhelmed.

Other observations and recommendations

  • Note that this tool is not necessarily a replacement of normal testing by an expert. Emphasis needs to be highlighted that users would only use it if for some reason they can cannot be tested by an expert.
  • Make/improve the online app to be as accessible as possible to people with disabilities by integrating voice functionality, large text, etc.
  • Make/improve the online platform to become more child-friendly.


Download the Resource Here