Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD)

Disability Round Table Forum

20 June - 23 June 2017

Holiday Inn, Johannesburg, South Africa

SOFOD will organize the Regional Disability Round Table Forum which will bring together SAFOD Affiliates, Disability Researchers & Academicians, the Private Sector, Key Founders of SAFOD, International Development Partners, and other Strategic Partners  with the overall aim of creating a stakeholders’ forum to reflect and re-evaluate the work of SAFOD and the disability movement in general over the past three decades within the region, as well as interrogate the future direction. The theme for the forum will be:

“Reflecting on 30 years of Disability Advocacy & Activism in Southern Africa”

SAFOD was formed in 1986 and the forum, therefore, comes just months after its 30th Anniversary commemoration, hence the need for the organisation and its stakeholders to come together and appreciate the achievements/milestones during the 30-year period, and their associated challenges and how the delegates, especially development partners (donors), can effectively support both SAFOD and the entire disability sector in sustaining the gains that have been made so far.  Most significantly, the Roundtable Forum will also reflect on both organization’s new five-year Strategic plan as well as the newly launched Strategic Development Goals (SDGs).

For more information about the event, including the event programme and how one can register if interested to participate, please visit the forum’s official website here!