Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD)

BOFOD Profile



Who We Are

The Botswana Federation of the Disabled (BOFOD) is a membership umbrella organization of Disability Peoples Organisations (DPOs)  or organisations of persons with disabilities in Botswana to provide unified voice of all people with disabilities.

BOFOD was formed in 2007 to advocate for rights of persons with disabilities in Botswana for purposes of inclusion in all areas of cultural, political and socio-economic development.


Our Mission

"BOFOD is a non- profit organization that strives to lobby and advocate for a barrier free society in partnership with the Government, NGOs and private sector with the ultimate goal of ensuring that people with disabilities fully enjoy their human rights."


Our Vision

"An inclusive barrier free society, where people with disabilities fully enjoy their human rights."


Our Founding Objectives

BOFOD founding objectives include:

  1. To promote and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities;
  2. To advocate for and monitor the equalisation of opportunities for people with disabilities as stipulated in the United Nation’s Standard Rules, and
  3. To coordinate and strengthen the capacity of the affiliated DPOs.


Our Membership

The current members include DPOs registered under the Society’s Act whose constitution and mandates includes direct service, advocacy and lobbying of rights of persons with disabilities by persons with disabilities themselves.

The following is a complete list of DPOs affiliated to BOFOD:

  1. Botswana Association of the Deaf;
  2. Kweneng Association of people with Disabilities;
  3. Gaborone Association of people with Disabilities;
  4. Botswana society of people with disabilities;
  5. le Rona re teng association of people with disabilities;
  6. Tshimologo ssociation of people with disabilities;
  7. Lobatse Association of people with disabilities;
  8. Botswana association of Blind and partially sighted;
  9. Serowe association of people with disabilities; and
  10. Lerona re batho association of people with disabilities.

Our Governance and Management Structure

BOFOD currently has a seven-member Board drawn from BOFOD affiliates that provides strategic direction through meetings throughout the year and ongoing involvement guidance of the organization. The management team is made up of the Executive Director with internship staff assisting the secretariat.


What We Do

Since its inception, BOFOD has organised and has been involved in various activities towards the realisation of its objectives. These have covered the following areas, among others:

  • Conducting community awareness building campaigns, workshops to sensitise the communities on disability issues;
  • Currently playing a significant role in lobbying for the enactment of the Bill on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and disability policies;
  • Playing a leading role in fighting for the inclusion of disability in all programmes that are meant to sensitise the population on the dangers of HIV/Aids and other national programmes;
  • Lobbied for a Study on the Living Conditions of Persons With Activity Limitations;
  • Lobbied for access for inclusion of youth with disabilities on Youth Development fund, women and gender programmes and youth policies at national level; and
  • Building of stakeholder partnership regionally and internationally.