Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD)

Inclusive Education Regional Symposium

22 November - 23 November 2017

Holiday Inn, Johannesburg, South Africa

Following the successful Southern Africa Regional Symposium on Inclusive Education in November 2015, SOFOD will be organizing yet another follow-up symposium in November 2017 at the same venue, so as to take stock of what has happened so far following the communique/resolutions that were agreed at the end of the last symposium which was funded by the Norwegian Federation of Organizations of Disabled People (FFO).  Learn more about the 2015 Symposium here!

While the theme for the last symposium focused on "Inclusive and equitable quality education for all learners with disabilities in Southern Africa", the theme for 2016 will, however, be:

“Enhancing quality participation of children with disabilities in early childhood development education.”

The theme for this symposium has been arrived at upon realization that so far the discourse regarding inclusive education has generally been focused on primary school level, leaving out the pre-schooling level, which is a very critical area as it builds the foundation reinforces the efficacy of the interventions for inclusion of learners at later stages (primary, secondary or tertiary).The result has been that many children with disabilities have been systematically excluded from the mainstream pre-school settings or Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) level, while most education activists have turned their focus away to focus on the former.

So, besides reflecting on the resolutions that were agreed in 2015, this year’s symposium will predominantly seek to explore strategies for overcoming barriers to learning and participation of children in community ECDE settings. The symposium will also seek to evaluate some of the achievements and challenges documented by the on-going SAFOD’s ECDE/CBR Project being funded by the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

For more information about the event, including the program and how one can register if interested to participate, please visit the official website for the 2017 IE Symposium here (Currently under construction!)